Eban A Roberts

Eban A Roberts

42 Flagg St Clinton MA  01510   |   (617) 926-9789   |   |   beefallo@gmail.com


Systems engineering, systems integration, system admin, technical support, network installation/management

NAPC is a value added reseller of SGI, SUN, Macintosh, Linux and Windows server systems, providing technical support, Remote Server Administration, and installation/integration services primarily for prepress development, graphic design, advertising and packaging companies.

I started working at napc as a Network consultant. designing and installing small <100node> computer networks for server based workflows and mannaging thier internal pc/mac/unix network. Some light construction and painting. Eventually <1999> I was Hired as a Junior Systems/tech support Engineer eventually working myself up to Installing remote client systems. My current position could be described as a senior systems engineer but that would downplay my roll in day to day worlflow.

Installed and configured operating systems on Irix, Solaris, OSX, Linux and Windows server based systems.
Installed and configured third party Products on/with Irix, Solaris, OSX, Linux and Windows.
Integrated Solaris Osx and linux with Active Directory. raid, san, network tape backup/archiving solutions, automated archive/restore systems, CD archiving, Disaster Recovery, unix to mac & Pc Filesharing/Spooling Programs, Automatic shutdown procedures for Battery Backup/Failover devices.
Installed and tuned/configured networks for optimal consumer use with a server based workflow.
Designed custom solutions for Xinet, Samba, AFP, NFS based workflows. Custom Shell Scripting for All workflow related products
System Vetting as part of the Sales process. Ie assessing whether a configuration is sound and or possible to match the clients needs
Help Desk -- Answered tech support calls. Routed technical answers from vendors to clients. Managed Vendor/Client relationships. Phone Training for new products and or new customer employees.
Performed disaster recovery functions for customers including; problem assessment, restoration of lost data, restoration of broken hardware, cross platform data migration.
Designed, installed, and managed phone/voicemail/email services for NAPC.
Designed, bid and installed all 1000/100/10baseT networks for client networks and managed internal networking.
Managed and implemented all internal construction projects.

1986 - 1996 The Palladio Company Inc Cambridge, MA
Sales, Office Management, Technical support, R&D
The Palladio Company was small Producer of Photographic Paper for the alternative photographic process market . They also manufactured Exposure units and sold chemistry for the production of Platnum/Palladium Prints.

Managed and workd in all sales and technical support areas.
R & D Engineering and Assembly of exposure units.
Designed and installed phone network including modem + internal paging services.
Designed, installed and managed PC/Macintosh network .

1994-1999 Brillig Motifs Cambridge, MA
Founder, Owner, Sales, & Management
Brillig Motifs is my own consulting company dealing in phone and computer networking, lighting, construction, computer training, computer acquisition and general holistic computer advice.

Bid, Managed and Implemented all Jobs
Handled hiring and management of workforce

·• Unix SGI Irix 6.4 - 6.5.29 1998 to 2008 RIP!!!
·• Unix Sun Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 10 2000 to Present
·• Linux RedHat 6.2 - 9.x - 2003 to present
·• Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista - 1996 to Present
·• Mac OS 6.07 -9.2.2, OSX Cient /server 10.1 10.5x - 1985 to present
·• TCP/IP; Internet/intranet routing; LAN/WAN configuration - 1992 to present
·• Cisco, Lucent/Ascend, smc, linksys, Netgear routers - 1997 to present
·• ExtremeNetowrks, Netgear, Cisco, FoundryNetworks, Plaintree, and GrandJunction switches - 1996 to present
·• Xinet Fullpress/Webnative/Venture Filesharing/spooling/web/Archiving system - 1998 to present
·• Kerio Mailserver, Sendmail 8.7 - 11.10, Apache 1.3.6 -2.0.44, Samba 2.0 -3.0, - 1998 to Present
·• Liebert and APC battery backup systems - 2001 to present
·• Familiarity with most Sparc, Mips, PowerPC G3 - G5, Pentium 2 - P4, Xeon, AMD K6 - 64 X2, and other Intel knockoff hardware systems.

·• 1986-1990 Cambridge Ring & Latin School, Cambridge, MA
·• 1990-1993 University of Massachusetts, Boston, Roxbury, MA
·• Various Admin Certifications for SGI and Solaris systems

References available upon request

Have a proper offer available before you contact me.

I am not looking to consult, I am not looking for an hourly position.

I am not looking to relocate unless the money and opportunities are all "really there".